Some interesting scenary, flora & people

A domesticated mother & baby elephant

some interesting flora of the region

Spiral Ginger

A macro shot of a droplet near one of the many streams

A lush pathway near Gibbonland

Tents at our campsite at Gibbonland

View from our campsite at the Noa-Dihing river

The kitchen cum dining area at Gibbonland

some of the campers rescued this frog from the fangs of a snake. it was doomed anyway!

Moonrise at Gibbonland campsite

Campfire at Gibbonland

Another dead Tree Frog

Never seen a leeech, well here is one latched on to clothes ready to strike for blood!

On the trail

Waterfall near Deban

Pervez poses with a Stick Insect on his shoulder

Vandan Jhaveri BNHS Group leader

pathway to the Frest Rest House at Deban. This mild elephant is buzy ferrying her mahout

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