Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful creature on earth with a wide variety of colours and markings. North-eastern India after the monsoons is a real haven for meeting butterflies some of which are endemic to the region. at this time of the year, Namdapha is the place that can really give you your fill of butterlies. You focus your lens on one butterfly, lo & behold another beauty has landed near you; where do you give your attention before they both fly away? That is the excitement of this great place. Here's taking you through a few of the many species that I feel privileged to meet. You might find the common names strange. most of them were given by British Army officers and that explains the connection with royalty and the military.

Common Lascar Pantoporia hordonia

Clear Sailor Neptis clinia

Blackvein Sargent - Athyma ranga

Dusky Diadem Ethope himachala

Jungle Glory Thaumantis diores

Plain Earl Tanaciea Jahnu

Dark Archduke (female) Lexias dirtea khasiana

Common Spotted  Flat Celaenorrhinus leucocera

Common Windmill Atrophaneura polyeuctus

Punchinello Zemeros flegyas

Yellow Spot Swift - Polytremis eltola

Popinjay Stibochiona nicea

Small Green Awlet Bibasis amara

Common Mormon papilio polytes

Fulvous Pied Flat Pseudocoledinia dan

Leopard Lacewing Cethosia cyane

Nigger Orsotrionea medus

Golden Sapphire Heliophorus brahma

UNID caterpillar possibly of a butterfly

Golden Sapphire (with wings open) Heliophorus brahma

Common Maplet Chersonesia risa

Jungle Glory with open wings
 Thaumantis diores
Commander Moduza procris

Long-banded Silverline Spindasis Lohita

An endangered species, the White Dragontail Lamproptera megis

Commander Moduza procris

A caterpillar possibly of a butterfly


Common Peacock Papilio Polytes

Red lacewing Cethosia biblis

White-edged Blue Baron Euthalia Phemius

Large Yeomen Cirrochroa aoris

Another shot of the Clear Sailor Neptis clinia

Small Staff Sargeant Athyma zeroca

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