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 Namdapha lies on the Sourth-eastern border of Aruanchal Pradesh. To enter this border state you need to obtain an Inner Line Permit. Both Indian citizens and foreign visitors should check with their travel agents about various requirements.
winter is a good time to do birding while October  end is when the monsoons retreat from the area and is good to see the amazing variety of insect life.

How to reach: Reaching Namdapha is a long journey. After landing in Guwahati (capital of the state of Assam), take an overnight bus to Jagun, the last post on the Assam border. Transfer to local jeeps which take you via Namchi where you show your Inner Line Permits (ILP) and reach Miao. Although a 36 km distance, the roads are in poor condition and the drive through some lush green tea estates and wilderness takes 2 hours. Never mind the time, it is a beautiful drive. Miao is the entry point to Namdapha where you enter through  the Forest Check Post – pay your entry and camera charges (rather steep for DSLRs &  video cameras). For more details check out this useful website
But let me reiterate that despite the many rigours, this is a haven for nature lovers, a once in a life time journey that you should not miss.

A big to
1.       BNHS for organising the trip
2.       The excellent Resource persons – Dr. V Shubbhalaxmi (well known in Mumbai as Moth lady), Vandan Jhaveri & Priti Chougule
3.       Local Resource persons – Phuphla Shingpo & his team of people who not only acted as our local guides, but also ensured a comfortable stay in very basic surroundings.
4.       And of course my very diverse but sporting and nature loving fellow campers. Although mostly new to each other, we really were a good group that  savoured the enchanting beauty of the area

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