Sunderview - Bomphu

After two awesome days at Lama camp it is time to move a little higher at 2460 mt. So we take the 12 km drive to the Sunderview Camp. It is beautiful virgin forest in this area The weather Gods are not pleased and we can do little birding as it is foggy and raining.the next 3 days are at Sunderview during which time we cover the Bomphu camp at lower altitude. The plan to visit the Sessni camp goes awry thanks to poor weather and a glitch in one of our vehicles. - Part of the experience. Post lunch the sky opens up a bit for us to do some birding in and around our campsite.
Next day, I am up at 3 a.m. It is already getting brighter and I do not need my torch to access the toilet  and hear the resounding call of the hill patridge. and what a birding start to the day. Just near my tent I see these beutiful Common Rosefinch - So here we are all rushing to take pictures and view through the spotting scope.

Common Rosefinch

Whiskered Yuhina -this and many photos have been taken in poor light
Above and below - the cute Black-throated Parrotbill
Little Bunting near the Bomphu Camp
Another commoner of the forests - Verditer Flycatcher
streaked Spiderhunter
Again Mrs. Gould's Sunbird
Green-tailed Sunbird
Whiskered Yuhina
Birders all
The sunderview Camp
toilet and bathing area - You wouldn't want a bath in this cold
Kitchen at the Sunderview Camp

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