In and around the Lama Camp

It is a late start to the day at the Lama camp. Nevertheless, the view form our tents atop the hill is truly stunning as we look across the mixture of white puffy clouds envelping the green mountains. Promise of good birdlife around is enough to wash away our late night blues. Some interesting plant life around too. So here are some shots of the 2 days at the Lama Camp. This is the first and main camp in Eaglenest and since the present Dalai Lama crossed through this path when he fled from Tibet to India in 1958, it has derived its name as the Lama Camp. Some views of the interesting flora and fauna as well as our campsite are shown in this section
Yellow-browed Tit
From L to R - the dining area of the Lama camp followed by our tents. the first tent is where Soma Jha & I stayed

Early morning view from my tent
One of the many small gems of the area - Green-tailed Sunbird

Chestnut-tailed Minla also called Bar-throated Siva
another Small Gem - Mrs. Gould's Sunbird

Magnolia Tree
Black-headed Shrike Babbler

Bhutan Laughing Thrush
Can you spot the Gold-naped Finch enjoying his nectar? Just behind our tents

Grey-headed Bullfinch
a commoner in the Himalayas - Green-backed Tit

Lemon-rumped Warbler
A wide angle view of the Lama Camp nestled on the hill side

Group Leader Adesh Shivkar in ecstasy
The Kitchen at the Lama Camp

View of Tenga valley from my tent

Short-billed Minivet
ID Please - could be the Grey-headed Warbler???
ID Please
After a short drizzle
White-browed Shrike Babbler
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  1. wonderful photographs. your camera details , please,

  2. thank you Devoo, use Canon 500D & for bird photographs use the Sigma 150-500 zoom lens

  3. Avi
    as usual an excellently written report. Wonderful birding. did u get fire tail myzornis and the bugun liocichla?

  4. thank you Ravi. We however, missed both the Bugun liocichla & fire tail myzornis, but got a quick glance of the Ward's Trogon. avi