Hollongpar Gibbon Sanctuary

A lesser known but a must visit place about 120 kms from Kaziranga is the Hollongpar Gibbon Sanctuary that is home to 7 species of primates is the best place to see the only ape in India, the Hollock Gibbons. The sanctuary is beautifully surrounded by tea gardens on one side & unfortunately a railway track on another. It is a also good place to see the rich bird  and insect life as well. Got a fleeting glance of the Red-headed Trogon - regrettably could not get a photo of him! here are some glimpses.
Hollock Gibbon swinging on a Hollong Tree. Gibbons are apes & do not have tails. this is more than made up by their long limbs used for swinging between branches. they are canopy dwellers

Malayan Giant Squirrel

Common Birdwing

Vine Snake


Golden Sapphire

Three-spot Grass Yellow

Our guide Deven Bordoloi with Mandar above & Adesh below, Nature India gifted him Grimmett's field guide - a very good gesture to encourage local naturalists to update their knowledge of birds

Chocolate Albatross

Clear Sailor

Tortoiseshell Beetle

Gaudy Baron

Cruiser (female)

Gaudy Baron

Moth pupa

 above & below - Black-faced Langur

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